There are many different passenger vans out there. Most rental companies have older outdated vans without the luxuries (leather seats, navigation, 2018 or later models) that you should expect. We do not do that. We keep our fleet up to date and do not skimp on any of the goodies. Please see a few of things that sets us apart from other rental companies.
  • Who we are


    Road Trips are so much easier if you know where you are going.  All of our vans have Navigation built in and is updated with the latest maps.  Make your life easier.
  • Why Choose us

    Leather Seating for 12 People

    Most passenger van companies will rent you base models with uncomfortable cloth seats so that they can maximize their profit.  We offer superior vans at a better rate.  Try us out and see.
  • Cars for any style and budget

    Sliding Door

    All of our vans come with a sliding door unlike the majority of the competition.  Get in easier and faster with our passenger vans.